Home Decor Recycled Ribbon Crafts for Kids

Home Decor Recycled Ribbon Crafts for Kids

Home Decor Recycled Ribbon Crafts for Kids

Home Decor Recycled Ribbon Crafts for Kids

Home Decor Recycled Ribbon Crafts for Kids

Home décor crafts are fun to do with kids, and it is even better when you can use recycled items to create these crafts. If you are an avid crafter like me you have plenty of left over bits of ribbon lying around that aren’t quite enough to use all alone. This article will provide you with step-by-step instructions on creating recycled ribbon home decor crafts with kids.
Curtain Tie Back

You can use recycled pieces of ribbon to create lovely custom curtain tie backs with your kids. For this craft you will need at least 6 pieces of ribbon about 12 inches long, 2 nails, a hot glue gun, hot glue sticks, and 2 large beads or buttons.

Start this craft by hammering nails into the wall where your curtain tie back will be. Next help kids glue the buttons or beads to the head of the nail using the hot glue gun. Allow the nails to cool while you and your kids create the tie back.

For this simple home décor craft you will need to gather three pieces of ribbon into a bunch and knot the ends together; allow about an inch of length and knot the ribbon again. The space in between the knots must be big enough to slip easily over the button that has been glued to the nail. Help kids braid the ribbon until you reach the end and tie the end into a knot to secure the braid.

Just slip the braid over the button, pull back your curtain and tie the ribbon braid to secure it. This easy recycled ribbon home décor craft is simple and fun to create with your kids, and it is a lovely addition to your home décor.


You can make a wonderful vase using recycled pieces of ribbon with your kids. For this recycled craft you will need an old jar or can, glue, pieces of ribbon, and a paintbrush. Start this craft by helping kids cover the can with the glue; this is easy and less messy if you use the paintbrush.

Next help kids glue the pieces of ribbon to the can, and remember to be creative with this home décor craft. Kids can create a pattern, or they can cover the can randomly with ribbon. Feel free to help kids overlap the ribbon if they like, and use the paintbrush and glue where needed. After the ribbon has dried kids can store any items they like in this lovely vase.

Home décor crafts are especially fun when you use recycled materials, and kids will enjoy these craft projects. So instead of throwing away your ribbon scraps try using them for these fun and easy home décor crafts with your kids.

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