New Electronics for 2011 – Tablets, Tablets and More Tablets

New Electronics for 2011 – Tablets, Tablets and More Tablets

New Electronics for 2011 – Tablets, Tablets and More Tablets

This year I’m going to predict that watching the stream of tablets coming out in 2011 is going to be like watching the parade of bonnets in an old fashioned Easter parade. White ones, black ones, big ones, small ones, expensive ones, cheap ones – we’ll see them all strut their stuff in 2011.
If you troll the manufacturer websites, online electronics magazines and blogs this week, you will see the first indication of the parade participants. Here’s what I’ve seen so far.

New Electronics for 2011 - Tablets, Tablets and More Tablets

New Electronics for 2011 – Tablets, Tablets and More Tablets

Samsung Sliding PC 7

The official Samsung website is sporting their new Samsung Sliding PC 7. I’m really loving this one. It’s not Android technology, it’s actually a Microsoft Windows 7 based tablet that slides out and then up to reveal a full qwerty keyboard with mouse interface option – like a mini laptop. In my book that takes this piece of electronic technology from toy to work mate. How slick is that?

It comes to market weighing in at only 2.18 pounds and battery charge is estimated to hold up for about 9 hours. So many other goodies to mention: 10.1 inch touch screen, 2 GB memory, 32-64GB hard drive, 1366 x 768 Intel Integrated Graphics, wireless and with a webcam. At about $699, I’ll be dreaming that one of these little beauties will be showing up on my American Express card real soon.

NEC Dual Screen Android Tablet

You won’t find the NEC Dual Screen Android Tablet on the official NEC website, but you can get hints about this new tablet from Two 7 inch screens open to form a continuous picture across 14 inches – now that’s different, but I’m not sure it packs enough punch to compete with some of the other market entrant’s features this year.

Microvision Prototype Android Mini Tablet With Built-In Projector had the scoop this week on the Microvision mini tablet. It’s only a 3.5 inch prototype folks – with a big surprise. This little guy has HDMI in and out and actually has a built-in projector to watch on screen or wall space. I can’t find a price on it yet, but I’ll be digging. I envision this pocket size gadget projecting on study hall walls in schools all over the United States.

Lenovo Dual Mode Hybrid IdeaPad U1 Hybrid with LePad Slate

This one sounds too good to be true. The Lenovo website has a combined Android tablet with a Windows 7 notebook as the keyboard base. The tablet slides out for single use in all its high definition glory. The company plans the first release in China, but I’m sure they’ll be racing to the U.S. market real soon.

And the hits just keep on coming. The Panasonic website seems to be in step with the report that Vizio is releasing tablets integrated to stream video with their flat screen TVs and with all this excitement, the Blackberry 4G Playbook Android almost seems boring to me. But, I’ll wait until I can touch and feel them all at my local electronics store in the coming months.

Tablets, tablets, tablets – if you don’t have one already, chances are there will be one that strikes your fancy in 2011.

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