Nokia N800 Internet Tablet PC: Product Review and Comparison

Nokia N800 Internet Tablet PC: Product Review and Comparison

Nokia N800 Internet Tablet PC: Product Review and Comparison


Nokia N800 Internet Tablet PC: Product Review and Comparison

Nokia N800 Internet Tablet PC: Product Review and Comparison

Internet surfers have been waiting for a long time for a hand held web browser you so use with any wireless connection. Wait no longer it is here. The Nokia N800 allows the surfer to view the web and check emails on one small hand held device. It also has a screen that allows you to view full sized web pages.
The Nokia N800 Internet Tablet PC cost less the traditional notebook or tablet pc, which makes it more affordable to countless people. It will still run you about 400 from a store but you could find it online for cheaper if you looked around.

There are some cool features here like VOIP, internet calling, and a very cool pop out vga camera that is great for video calling. This makes it the popular choice for those of us who make phone calls with our computers.

It is a touch screen display and is a standard 800 by 400 resolutions, and that has not changed from its predecessor the Nokia n770. Some people will have trouble seeing the writing on the web pages, and that will make a difference to those people who want to surf the web with this hand held web browser. It is perfect for those who do the voice chatting and create or read emails.

It is a powerful little hand held device and with its build in Opera 8 web browser you can surf to your hearts content. This is if you have a good strong wifi connection.

Now days, small devices are the popular choice and this one is tiny enough to fit into a shirt pocket, making it extremely portable. If you like to play music while on the road this is perfect, as it has built in speakers and comes equipped with a stand so that it is hands free if need be. Nokia included stereo earbuds are for listening to audio, not talking on the phone, so you can use the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet PC as a speakerphone, and it does work well

The internal flash memory is increased up to 128 MB with this updated version of the Nokia N770, which came out in the middle of 2005. This table has increased the owners surfing experience in many ways. Pod casting is so much easier, faster and with this newer model. There is also improved software that allows you to connect much faster. It simply remembers how you connected before and will automatically connect you to the wifi connection once it detects it.

When compared to Sony mylo Personal Communicator COM-1 2.4″ LCD-Black, the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet PC is improved. However, the Sony mylo has a bigger screen and costs 200 less over at Amazon. The mylo also has a unique slide out keyboard, which means there is more space for the monitor.

Sony VAIO VGN-UX280P 4.5″ Notebook PC is similar and has about the same capabilities but it is bigger then the Nokia n770 and it does not have all the features. It however is smaller then your average lap top and even more powerful. At $1099.00, it does not compare to the Nokia n800 price wise.

I would grab a warranty because you never know what could happen. It would be a shame to spent money on this Nokia N800 Internet Tablet PC and be out the money.

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