Samsung Q1P SSD Tablet PC Review

Samsung Q1P SSD Tablet PC Review

Samsung Q1P SSD Tablet PC Review

With millions of people constantly on the road, either for business or pleasure, it is very important that you have a laptop that was built for true mobility. One would think that most laptops will help you keep organized and entertained while you’re on the go, however, this couldn’t be further from the truth. If your main goal is to keep your entertainment, business and personal lives completely organized while traveling the world, than you need to consider purchasing the Samsung Q1P SSD Ultra Mobile Laptop PC, Model: Q1P SSD.


Samsung Q1P SSD Tablet PC Review

Samsung Q1P SSD Tablet PC Review

Main Product Features:

The main feature of this ultra-mobile is the fact that it has been designed and outfitted with all of the technologies needed to keep you organized and entertained, no matter how far you are traveling away from home.

While this is not your traditional laptop computer, it does provide you with the standard applications and features your daily life will require. With the Windows XP Tablet operating system, you will have all of the functionality of the XP operating system, but specifically designed for a tablet PC.

Perhaps the coolest feature of this laptop is how you interact with the interface. With the 7-inch touch screen monitor, which displays a total of 800 x 480 pixels, you will be able to navigate around this computer easier than ever before. Since this is a touch-screen computer, you will need to make sure you are careful with how you transport it from here to there.

Normally, consumers are wary from buying tablet PCs because they are known for having a short battery life. However, this is not true for this tablet PC. You will be able to enjoy constant functionality for up to five hours. This is due to the three-cell Lithium Ion battery. The two stereo speakers feature SRS surround sound capabilities, and will deliver a total of 4-Watts of power. While this is not a lot of power, for a 7-inch Tablet PC, this is enough audio output to enjoy your movies and music.

The Intel Pentium M ULV Processor will provide you with the stability and high-processing speeds your demanding life will require. The hard drive comes with 32GB of space, allowing you to store the majority of your music, however, if you plan on downloading movies, you may find that this Tablet PC does not have enough room.

You are able to easily connect to the Internet either through the 10/100 LAN interface, or even wirelessly through the 802.11b/g. You can also connect to your Bluetooth devices through the Bluetooth V2.0+EDR interface.

Product Price:

This tablet PC from Samsung is less than an inch deep and measures only 8.96-inches wide. You will be able to purchase this amazing tablet PC for an average price of $1,350. Definitely not your average laptop computer, but if you need extreme portability, than you will need to check this Tablet PC out.

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