The 7” Google Android 2.1 WIFI MID Tablet PC Vs the Apple IPad

The 7” Google Android 2.1 WIFI MID Tablet PC Vs the Apple IPad

The 7” Google Android 2.1 WIFI MID Tablet PC Vs the Apple IPad

For those who are “techno gadget nerds,” but are unable to afford an Apple iPad, then you can try using the Google Android 2.1 Wifi Mid Tablet PC. While Apple Ipad’s run between $300-$400, these tables can be purchased at retail from $100 to $150. On eBay, some can even be purchased for under $100.

The 7'' Google Android 2.1 WIFI MID Tablet PC Vs the Apple IPad

The 7” Google Android 2.1 WIFI MID Tablet PC Vs the Apple IPad

While the Google Android 2.1 is definitely not an iPad, it does have some advantages. Users can surf the Internet, download applications from the App Market, read books, listen to music and watch videos. The Android 2.1 operating system does not support flash videos, but you can watch YouTube videos via the application that is located on the tablet. You may also transfer your own videos or videos from a camcorder and watch them on the tablet too.

The Google Android Tablet PC also has Wi-fi, so you can take it to any wireless hotspot and connect to the Internet. It also has 3G capabilities where available too. Some of the applications available on the App Market allow you to monitor you wireless connections and search for other available connections within the area as well. It also comes equipped with an adapter to plug-in for Ethernet too.

If you are on the go or like something small to do basic work functions, then the 7 inch size of the tablet will be a real advantage. It can be carried inside a small case without having to lug it in a big bag. This tablet can be used during road-trips or even while you are the subway. Another downfall of the Google Android is that it doesn’t come available with any word processing software. You can download the notepad tool from the app market and use it to type up rough drafts, though.

The tablet is also not useful for heavy gamers since it does not support Flash. It is merely for performing simple functions on the Internet such as surfing Facebook, MySpace, checking email, viewing eBay auctions or reading the news. To add more applications to the tablet, it is advisable to purchase a micro SD card so that it will hold more. There are very many useful apps available in the market. You may choose from categories such as games, travel, finance, lifestyle, health, tools, utilities and software. There is also an anti-virus tool available to protect your tablet from downloading any harmful apps or other software that could cause damage to the system.

Below is further details about the Google Android 2.1 Tablet PC and its system:
Memory: 256 MB
Screen Size: 7 inch/Touch Screen
Operating System: Google Android 2.1
Audio: MP3
Micro SD and USB supportCamera: 0.3M/Pixel
Battery: 1500mAh
Stand-by time: 6 hrs
Working time: 3 hrs

If you are looking for an electronic gadget that is simple with basic Internet surfing and the addition of some fun applications, then the Google Android 2.1 Table PC could be an ideal tool to have. Although, if you are looking for a faster Internet connection, the ability to play more flash videos or do some gaming, then you might save your hard-earned cash for an Apple iPad instead.

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