Top Ten Most Useless Tablet Accessories

Top Ten Most Useless Tablet Accessories

Top Ten Most Useless Tablet Accessories

Top Ten Most Useless Tablet Accessories

Top Ten Most Useless Tablet Accessories

More and more the future of technological gadgetry seems to be in the tablet. And just as with any new gadget hundred of new accessories are sure to flood the market. With so many gizmos lurking around to tack onto your tablet which are the top 10 that should absolutely be avoided?
iBallz: To start us off the perfect understanding of the most useless accessory, iBallz. It would be great to say that this tool offers some amazing benefits , it doesn’t. The iBallz are balls you attach to the corner of the tablets, that’s it. With a $20 price tag one would hope for a little more at least.

Assero Defender: Next up is quite possibly the tackiest protection device ever created for a tablet. The back pack that is built for you to wear on the bus. This tool is strapped to your chest and allows you to work on your tablet while standing. It also allows you to look like a complete tech geek. Not the fashion statement of the year.

iPad Dock: Here is an offical Apple accessory that drops the ball. This snazzy little dock requires that you remove your iPad from its case in order to dock. Even worse you are only able to dock the pod in the portrait stance removing any chance of putting the tablet into widescreen movie to watch a film on the dock. $30 seems a waste of good cash for the limited use you would get out of this tool.

iPad Dashboard Suction Mount: Whoever designed this little wondrous gadget must not currently drive a car. The massive iPad takes up a large portion of your windshield and will likely cause more trouble than help. It is great to have a larger GPS but at the risk of distraction in having the tablet on your dash this accessory is not only foolish but dangerous.

iPad Keyboard Dock: Here we are again with another shot at the iPad dock. It doesn’t seems as though the learned much from the original dock issues. In fact they improved on the hindrances the dock causes. This dock now removes all mobility to your tablet and essentially turns your tablet in a lame PC.

ModulR Shoulder Strap: Now for something completely different. The Assero Defender is a lame attempt at safe portability. The ModulR doesn’t do much better. This thin straps acts as a pendulum for your iPad as it swings it all over the place. You are just as likely to smash your iPad as you are to carry it. Even further this accessory turn the iPad into a purse, a feature most men are not looking for.

iCade: This painstaking little gadget is a failed attempt at blending the classic with contemporary. This bulky unit acts as a dock to resemble an 80’s arcade machine. The short coming is obviously a complete lack of mobility and there is no reason to shift to an arcade style of control when the iPad touch screen offers a much more favorable control system with its touch screen.

Wacom Tablet Glove: This accessory is all but laughable. In order to reduce smudging and to allow for easier sliding Wacom would like you to purchase a $20 glove. The only downside to this is that you could also go to value village pick up a rubber dish glove wear them backwards and it would accomplish the same thing. Big difference is the dish gloves cost $1.

iPad Vest: Once again an attempt to mix style and mobility. The vest itself is not ugly by any means the unfortunate part of this accessory is that trying to put the tablet inside a vest is like trying to steal a cookie sheet from a Walmart. The tablet sticks out and the range of motion is definitely restricted.

iCon Bed: Now we come to the priciest of iPad accessories. This tablet gadget costs $20000! At first this seems like a typo but it is accurate. Offering dual headboard docks for the tablets and offering a speaker system within the bed are all that this bed has to offer. A pretty lame excuse when an iPod dock on a nightstand can offer the same value for much less.

That is all folks. Avoid this cumbersome, foolish, pricey and sometimes dangerous accessories alone and you iPad should be an enjoyable experience. Accessorize at your leisure, just read the reviews first.

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