Watch TV on Your PC Free – Update

Watch TV on Your PC Free – Update

Watch TV on Your PC Free – Update

I appologize if this appears to be a shameless plug, but it is really intended to be a convenience for others to simply bookmark the page and have quick and easy access to TV programs where ever you are with WiFi, or at home for on demand programming. No longer will you miss one show to watch another.

Watch TV on Your PC Free - Update

Watch TV on Your PC Free – Update

I have seen lots of programs on the Internet to watch TV on your PC, some of these programs actually sell you a list of video broadcasts from hundreds of networks around the world. The sad thing is most of the networks these are linked to are “D” rated networks. There are networks from Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Albania, etc.. The bottom line is this is not what most people are looking for, and certainly not what I would call TV.

For this reason I have searched and found RealNetworks that broadcast real programs in America for Americans, and I am compiling a list on a page on one of my websites. Yes I know this promotes one of my websites, but the purpose of this is not for website promotion as much as it is to create an easy navigation page to all the available free syndicated network and cable network programs I can find as a convenience to others. All you need to watch TV on your PC is an Internet connection and a halfway decent computer.

My webpage, has links to the following networks which stream full length programs: ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, PBS, Discovery-Animal Planet-TLC, ESPN, sci-fi Channel, TBS, USA network, and for the kids there is Cartoon Network’s Toonami Jetstream, Disney Channel, and Nick.

Additional networks that feature or sporting events and short videos are: Big 10 network, CNN, Food Network, Fuel TV, HDTV, History Channel, National Geographic, NBA TV, NFL, and the Speed Channel.

As I find new programs and new programming, I will update these on this webpage.


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